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In August 2012, ESS was tasked with building a brand around one of the up-and-coming stars in the NFL Patrick Peterson. Selected fifth overall in the 2011 NFL Draft, and following that up with a rookie season filled with accolades, ESS knew Peterson needed a powerful brand presence off the field to match his dynamic on-field play. Since 2012 Patrick Peterson has become the highest paid corner in the NFL and set the bar for his position. Along with on the field accolades, Patrick Peterson's P2 off the field brand has become a house hold name among sports fans culminated by national endorsement deals from Under Armour, Pepsi, Microsoft, EA Sports among others.

The P2 Brand Elements

The key to creating consistency and brand recognition is to establish strong brand elements. ESS wanted something that was easy to remember, but still edgy enough to stand out. The foundation of Patrick Peterson's brand is the "P2" logo. ESS designed and trademarked the strong "P2" logo to fit Peterson's on, and off-the-field character. The way the brand plays off the alliteration of Peterson’s initials, makes it easy to remember and identify.

Building off the affinity of the “P2” brand, we trademarked the "P2Nation" logo to give Peterson’s fan base an identity of their own. Finally, we initiated the use of catch phrases that would help leave an impression on engaged fans. Phrases and monikers like “Don’t Blink” and “No Offseason” were used to describe Peterson’s playmaking ability and off season mentality. The result was a turn key brand that could be activated by potential national and local partnerships. This brand foundation has provided an additional revenue generated for Peterson. The P2 brand is now integrated into any, and all, communication and projects.

Social Tools

Prior to joining the ESS team, Peterson only had a presence on Twitter. His handle was @The_Real_P2, and he had 51,638 followers. We re-branded Peterson’s Twitter handle to @RealPeterson21, in an effort to simplify tagging and searches by fans. After we took over the new twitter handle, we planned and executed a full rebrand of social accounts. Through the rebrand and countless hours of cross promotions, strategic campaigns and fan interaction, we were able to gain over 30,00 new followers while successfully transitioning old followers to the newly branded account. As of March 4, 2015 Patrick Peterson’s social media accounts have grown to over 500,000 highly engaged networks.

Along with growing Peterson’s network, we wanted the social space to reflect Peterson’s elite brand. For that reason, we created custom images for Peterson to use on his profiles. Although common today, in 2012 Peterson was the first ever athlete to use the Twitter “header” space, when it was released in September 2012. ESS and Peterson were able to use this header space for additional branding and partnership opportunities.

The growth of this network can be attributed to the engagement Peterson had with is fans through the network, but also the interaction that occurred with influential brands on social media creating well over 50 million unique impressions. These connections were critical to increasing Peterson’s value in partnerships and endorsement deals. According to a study done by the Center for Media Research, "64% of adult U.S. Internet users who follow a celebrity also follow a brand, which means the celebrity follower is four times more likely to follow a brand than the average U.S. adult online."

Creating creative ways to connect with P2 Nation is a priority for Peterson. ESS developed and implemented strategies that included hosting campaigns and contests that ensure Peterson had not only large followings, but highly engaged followings. Social media played an integral part in helping Peterson be elected to his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Pro Bowl through a social media campaign designed to reward following for going out and voting for Peterson for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Pro Bowl.


Using the established P2 brand, ESS created P2Nation.Net, Peterson’s website. Peterson’s website was used to keep fans connected, while offering ample opportunities for partnerships. Peterson’s brand elements were found throughout the website, including social media links to help drive Peterson’s reach. P2Nation.Net created new areas for engagement, such as videos, downloadable wallpaper’s, and a store dedicated to Peterson’s products. In 2014 the P2 brand reached a point where the digital space had to upscale to a larger platform. Through consideration ESS outsourced website and e-commerce services to the Anthro group. This strategic partnership will enable the P2 and Twenty-one Threads brands to grow with a more efficient process of shipping and receiving and product development. PatrickPeterson21.com is now live.

Managing the Brand

In an effort to help build Peterson’s brand ESS has used partnerships, public relations and community relations as additional resources. ESS believes in reciprocal relationships between partners. ESS won't choose a partnership that doesn't make sense for the P2 brand. If Peterson isn't passionate about a partnership, ESS won't entertain that avenue in order to protect the brand's quality.

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